About Yeast Bakery

Yeast Bakery is based near Broadway Market in East London. We specialise in the production of high quality, hand-made viennoiserie. 
We started in early 2011 with a simple goal – to make the perfect croissant. 

Focussing on simple, quality ingredients (including the very best French Normandy butter), we combine the craft, care, and attention to detail of baking to make our butter croissants, pains aux chocolats and almond croissants. As we grow and expand our little bakery we bring the same meticulous approach to each one of our new products. Research, tasting and testing ensure everything our bakery makes is delicious.
We bake fresh every morning and deliver seven days a week to a growing number of boutique coffee shops, restaurants and delicatessens across London. On Saturdays, the bakery is open to the public and we offer a wide range of seasonal specialities and flavours, as well as breads.

If you would like to find out more about what we do, please email us.


Yeast Bakery is always looking for new bakers to join us. We’re busy and growing! 

We are a small team that takes the time to make things properly, with care and attention to every detail. Our bakers also have space to be creative, exploring flavours and new products for our Saturday market customers. Interested? Let us know: ben@yeastbakery.com