Our croissant is the foundation for our little bakery, the recipe that Ben first set out to perfect and that we’ve built our reputation on. Made with the finest French Normandy butter and baked fresh every morning, we make hundreds of these layered beauties every day and deliver them across London.


The Croissant Loaf (nicknamed the Croaf® thanks to Twitter) is a delightful novelty that’s only available from the arch on Saturdays. Pull it apart to nibble on, like sharing a giant croissant with friends, or slice it for the most luxurious pain perdu. Also available in chocolate (almond-cinnamon coming soon!).


We started making our version of kouign-amann right around the time when they were featured as a technical challenge on the Great British Bake Off 2014 – and no one on the show knew what they were! Now these delicious caramelised sugar and buttery delights are one of our signature items. Every Saturday you’ll find a few different flavours to try.


These beauties are done for the 2015 holiday season but they'll be back in November 2016.

In the meantime we're playing around in the bakery, testing things out and experimenting with new bakes. Little carrot cakes. Brioches. Brownies with or without hazelnuts. New breads every week. Basically whatever the bakers dream up and feel like trying. If we gobble it all up, then we make another batch on Saturday for you.

Is there something you'd like us to make? Let us know on Twitter or email us!

Shortcrust Mince Pies

Mincemeat Danish

Classics & Experiments

During the week we bake all the classic viennoiserie to deliver across the city. On Saturdays, we get creative with different fillings and flavours.



Our traditional baguette is a simple loaf that we are very proud of. Using top quality French flour, yeast, salt and water, the special ingredient in our baguette is time. The long fermentation period develops the flavour and our loaves are carefully handled with love and care. The distinctive crunch of our crust marks it as an excellent baguette. 

French Sourdough Loaf

Our French Sourdough is a lighter and less sour loaf than other sourdoughs you’ve had. Made in the French style (with yeast) instead of the San Francisco style (with a starter), our loaves have a touch of rye and malt. The tighter crumb means it’s perfect for toast (no holes for the jam to fall through!) and its smaller size makes it ideal for one or two people.

Cheese Straws

Seriously more-ish puff pastry twists with herbes de provence, parmesan and cheddar. In theory our cheese straws would make excellent cocktail hour snacks – nibbles for your guests while you effortlessly put the finishing touches on dinner – but they’ve never lasted that long.

Even more bread

Our Italian baker wanted to make focaccia, so we now offer two flavours on Saturday: classic rosemary and olive oil, and one surprise depending on his whim. We’ll be baking more types of bread as our bakers come up with ideas and as our customers tell us what they want!